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Save Space & Lasts longer

Carris Group with over 3 decades of experience and expertise in the manufacture of diverse plastic products presents Aqua Tech an exclusive water tank manufactured with FDA Approved food grade virgin plastic. possesses several special features.

Biaxial Rotation Moulding

Aqua Tech Is the only band in south India using "Biaxial rotational Moulding" technology up to 10000 liters capacity which ensures uniform wall thickness, extra strength, and durability.

Multilayer Wall

Aqua Tech Outer surface of Aqua Tech 's Wall is protected by the magic Black special ultraviolet additive to ensure longer life. The inner wall with white layer enables us to observe the purity of the water stored and can be easily cleaned as the inside surface is very smooth.

FDA Standards

Raw materials used to manufacture the tanks complies with the requirement of Indian standard IS - 10146 on Polyethylene for its safe use in contact with Foodstuff, Pharmaceuticals, and Drinking water.

Storage Capacity

Aqua Tech is available in the range of sizes from 200 liters to 10000 liters. An interesting aspect of this water tank is that you can increase its capacity as your need increases. All you have to do is buy a new similar tank and interconnect it with the existing tank using a pipe.


Since Aqua Tech can be tightly closed, dirt, insects, and pests are prevented from entering inside. As direct sunlight is kept out, the growth of moss/fungus/algae etc. are prevented.

Easy in Handling

The tank being light in weight, it can be moved about with ease. For people who frequently sift places, it is truly a blessing. the tanks are easy to install as well; anyone with a basic knowledge of plumbing can do that is minutes.


Whatever be the care we take in making a cement tank, in course of time it will invariably develop leaks. But this does not happen in the case of a plastic tank crafted with technological finesse. Aqua Tech water tanks have magic black ultraviolet protection for durability.

Horizontal Tank

The Aqua Tech free-standing horizontal tank with molded support legs fits on upper terraces, minimizing space requirements. these rotomoulded beige color tanks are ideal for a wide range of liquid storages. These versatile tanks feature a large opening for easy filling and seamless construction for easy cleaning. rotomoulded from durable LLDPE, Aqua Tech Horizontal tanks are the toughest one-piece tanks in the market. Made of high-quality polyethylene with UV protection, the tanks can be used for indoor as-as outdoor applications.

Things to Keep in mind while choosing a good water tank

Look for the perfection in its looks a water tank crafted with good quality virgin plastic will glisten and you could visualize the virgin class on its surface. Open The Lid and take a deep breath If the tank is made of virgin Plastic alone, you can feel the pleasant smell of freshness/newness in it or if the tank is made of recycled/ reprocessed plastic, it could even be a foul smell. Press the tank with your hand while pressing your would feel the smooth elasticity of a good virgin plastic or if the plastic used is recycled reprocessed, you would feel the hardness and toughness of the plastic which has lost all its plastic.