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Overhead Water Storage Tank Uses And Maintenance

Overhead Water Storage Tank Uses And Maintenance


A Water Storage Tank is a container or a mini-reservoir that is used to store the water in a measured quantity. The collected water in the tank serves many applications for both domestic and commercial purposes. From the olden days as the time changes the material in which the water tanks built has been evolved beginning from wood, stones, ceramics, brick materials that were plastered and painted. But, After the introduction of PVC tanks it been a different story, The PVC became the most employed tank material since it possesses a significant advantage over other materials naturally avoids leakage. Similar to materials, the Water Storage Tank also has various types of Overhead Water tanks, Underground water tanks, Emergency tanks, Horizontal Tanks that is also known as Save Space Tanks. The type of water tank is selected and utilized effectively based on the requirement, application and also other factors.


Overhead Water Storage Tank is a usual Water storage tank as its name stands for itself these tanks are placed over the head that is built on a certain height. The tank may be built of any material but the idea is to achieve maximum efficiency by placing a tank in some elevated distance. The water from the ground level is filled inside the tank through pumping. It is achieved with the high power motor pumps that send the water to storage with high pressure. These Tanks can be anywhere above a Town or Even within your house where it is built on the rooftop. The main purpose is to achieve an even distribution and it maintains constant pressure and flows, at the time of discharge when the water comes down from a certain height it has a sufficient increase in pressure that makes it serves at a constant rate in almost every outlet.


Overhead Water Tanks can be used in various applications can serve both Domestic purposes and Commercial Purposes. Constantly maintains the flow in all the general bathroom usages and other water requiring appliances.

Domestic Application of Overhead Water Storage Tank

In the Domestic Purposes, the water is utilized in almost every action we perform like drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, washing, and other general uses. Appliances like washing machine and purifiers need constant flow those needs are satisfied by these overhead tanks at the domestic level.

Commercial Application of Overhead Water Storage Tank

In the Commercial Purposes, the tank employed overhead can benefit not only by storing water, but chemicals can also be stocked to maintain the flow when they are used. Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Logistic yards, manufacturing, chemical industries etc. these are some of the areas where overhead tanks can benefit.


Following a few simple maintenance steps for your overhead water tank you can get some effective results like rust free, corrosion free, more importantly, you can clean it to keep dirt free which can ensure your water source is fresh as it is used in some basic domestic purposes like cooking, drinking, bathing etc. If any slight damage, you can identify at the earliest and sort it out, which eventually increases the life of your tank.

- Clean the Tank Regularly.

At first, make a thorough inspection and check for corrosion, dust, rust deposition because it is very important to keep your water storage tank clean since it is the prime source of water supply for your daily needs. Also to keep it dirt free, it is not necessary to clean it very often, it is advisable to clean at least 2 times in a 6 month duration. and that is virtually not possible too.

- Empty & Scrub the Tank

After completing the inspection procedure, you can empty the tank but make sure the main water line running into the tank is shut down. Then, you can open all the water supplied taps to run the water down and empty the tank. Use an abrasive tool or scrubbing brush, wear safety gloves before starting and completely scrub every nook and corner of the tank. If dirt is visible in areas make sure you scrub with hands do it until the deposition gets cleared.

- Disinfect the Tanks and Pipes

Use a Proper cleaning agent, or household bleach diluted to carry out the cleaning process, this helps you to disinfect the Tank and Pipes. After scrubbing and bleaching. Rinse once or twice thoroughly with a clean water

- Empty the Tank and Leave it for Drying

After the above procedures, Empty the tank and leave it for drying. After the tank dried, again make a final inspection for any dirt, rust or cleaning agent deposition and if any clean the particular area with clean water and dry it.

- Refill the Tank and Use it

Once you are satisfied and happy with the look of your water storage tank, then start the refilling process. Make sure you have closed all the taps and outlets, open the mains water supply to your tank. check the lids are proper and placed in position.


Our Overhead Water storage tanks have some special attributes that can be used in the best way to obtain a cost-effective result :
-Made of 100% Virgin & Food Grade Material
-Available in Double & Triple Layers
-Easy to Fit
-Temperature resistance
-Capacity range from 200 L TO 10,000 L

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