AQUATECH - Water tank manufacturers, Coimbatore, india

Manufacturers of Injection Moulded Plastic Articles which include

Aquatech polymer - Toilet seat cover manufacturers in Hyderabad, India

Toilet Seat Covers

Aquatech Polymer Products produce attractive, tough and sturdy toilet seat covers made from virgin raw material and coming in different colour gradients.

Aquatech polymer - Flush tanks manufacturers in Hyderabad, India

Flush tanks

Flush tanks or cisterns of superior quality are manufactured at Aquatech Polymer Products.

Aquatech polymer - Flush tank and seat cover manufacturers in Hyderabad, India
Aquatech polymer - Single flush tank manufacturers in Hyderabad, India
CHLOROPLAST - Water tank suppliers

Manufacturers of Sakthiman ISI Super PVC Pipes and other pipes

  • “Shaktiman PVC Pipes is the Kerala’s largest manufacturer of ISI marked pvc pipes and also the first ISO certified pipe manufacturer in south India “
  • “SHAKTHIMAN SUPER PVC PIPE was introduced to the market in 1974 by Nediyra Chemicals, the first venture of the Nediyara Group. This was a pioneering attempt in Southern India in the production of PVC pipes as a durable and cost effective alternative to the conventional Galvanised Iron pipes for water conveyance.”
  • First and only permanent member from Kerala in the Plastic Piping System Sectional Committee, CED 50, which formulates Standard for Plastic Pipe in India.
  • First pipe manufacture in South India to get ISO 9002 certification.
  • First in the state to get ISI License as per IS 4985 : 2000 Standard
  • First to introduce Holographic label on pipe to prevent duplication
  • Largest Producer of ISI marked pipes in the State since 1998.
Chloroplast - Pasting pipes

Pasting Pipes

ISI Marked Pipes as per IS: 4985 specification is available from 20 mm to 160 mm in all classes either with plain ends or socket at one end.
These pipes can be easily jointed by using quality PVC Solvent Cement.

LYKA - Water tank dealers Chennai, India

Manufacturers of injection molded thin walled plastic containers :

LYKA - Plastic containers

Plastic Containers

Lyka Offers a spectrum of packaging solutions designed with exhaustive knowledge in the packaging requirement for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Such a design superbly consolidates aesthetics, affordability and ease of use, to give your products the triumphant edge.

LYKA - Caps and closures

Caps and Closures

Caps and Closures form part of packaging. Whenever products made out of other processing techniques like blow moulding, thermoforming or extrusion provide your packaging solution, a link with Lyka make the process of procurement of caps or closures easy. Sister concern Riya Lustre is fully dedicated for production of caps and closures.

LYKA - Custom molding

Custom Molding

Customized production of HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PBT and soft PVC components using moulds and material supplied by the customer. The tool room is equipped for servicing all types of moulds including hot runner moulds. The engineering and manufacturing capabilities are almost limitless due to the equipment and engineering talent that is offer. Ensuring high yield and safe handling of moulds and tools. Customer specified packing and documentation is ensured through the ISO system.


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