RotoMolding or Rotational molding is the world’s fastest growing manufacturing process for plastic parts and finds its application in making of numerous products ranging from small to large tanks, automotive to consumer goods & agriculture to defense products. RotoMolding enables the manufacturing of superior plastic substitutes to many products traditionally made from METAL/WOOD .

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Rotomolding Products


Moulds or Dies are the integral parts of Rotomoulding process and are cognitive factors to ensure production quality. They are of 3 types:

  • ALUMINUM CAST MOULDS – Expensive Moulds for complex shapes and profiles.
  • CNC MOULDS – Very expensive Moulds for complex shapes and profiles.
  • FABRICATED MOULDS – Less expensive Moulds for large hollow components like tanks.

Polyethylene (LLDPE – Linear Low density Polyethylene) is well suited and extensively used for the process of Rotomoulding. Good processability, mechanical & physical properties makes it the best choice for all Rotomoulders. Other than PE, PP, NYLON (PA6, PA66), PVC, EVA are also available for rotomolding