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Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tanks Maintenance India - Aquatech Tanks

1. Is Periodic Pumping Necessary? If it is Yes, what is the time period?

A Proper Septic Tank Maintenance Procedure always has Tank Pumping as its initial step. When the discharge rate of waste is lesser than the incoming rate there will be an overflow, so frequent pumping might avoid these scenarios and can be a preventive measure. Every septic tank based on its size and capacity should be inspected and pumped out on a timely basis, A Common time period is 3-5 years, if not time look for indications like water pool or just before pooling there will be an odour produced by the waste all these occur when your tank is fully dumped out. Pumping out your tank frequently benefits you in many ways such as * Increases your tank efficiency *No Excess Cleaning makes it Cost efficient *Keeps your environment harmless *No leakage or pooling water in future

2. Have you ever wondered, is there any way to extend the life of the tank?

Carrying out general maintenance is a mandatory thing, In addition to that reducing water usage can be very effective. Since a Septic System's objective is to drain water into the field, if the water enters the system is in less , then processing it is also easy. Overloading the tank at one time makes the process slow and reduces the life, So Being less water conservative is really helpful in extending tank's life and as well as cost effective if you are using municipal water.

3. Is Planting a Garden or Constructing a Building near Septic System a Good Choice?

Firstly to answer for Planting a Garden near Septic Field, It is generally not advisable to have a plant garden near your septic field at least it should be 50 feet away. Even if you want some shallow rooted plants, shrubs can be grown. But it is difficult to say whether all the plants will have the same positive effect on the system and by without right knowledge if veggies are grown around a drain field it might be harmed by the bacteria and it is not safe for the person who consumes it.


To Construct a Building near Septic system, the First thing to do is to assure your system is far away from the construction area. Because the construction work might have a heavy impact on the system, either drain field or septic tank may get damaged. Usually, the tank is easy to spot but the field lines have a complicated structure and the damaged area of the system is difficult and costly to replace, it is all matter of high risks so the clever choice might be not to construct a building near your septic system. There are regulations to follow if you are about to install a pool near your septic system, but still the septic lines are lengthy and can cause troubles at any time. Even if you want to service your system it is a bit expensive and hard to move the system out of the pool region. But, if you have no place away from your tank, you may consult a construction planner. The Best advice here can be to not place a swimming pool near the septic system.

4. Avoid these items in the Flush

Some Items you are flushing daily without much awareness gets dumped inside the system as solids. They quickly fill the area and blocks the flow which demands a tank pumping out procedure, if we fail to notice or execute then it may lead to some deep troubles and sometimes system failure may occur. To avoid those cases, do not flush these items *Grease, *Egg Shells, *Filter-Tip Cigarettes, *Disposable Diapers *Hair These are the common items we use daily, and there are much more that can be avoided to maintain your septic system

5. Use Detergent or Baking Soda to Clean a Toilet

Cleaning Toilets with proper agents can also be a factor in maintaining a Septic System. Detergent or Baking Soda reacts with the grease in stains and drains through the system, whereas other cleaners are toxic and can wear down the system in a short duration. Baking Soda can be used to remove hard water stains and can be the best option for the maintenance of a septic system.

6. Have Septic Tank cover easily accessible

The Solids are stored from the drains and if you have covered the area, then every time you carry the pumping out procedure, it is difficult to find the tank location. Though it should be tightly sealed, frequent check-up and cleaning is possible only if you have a visible tank cover with easy access.

7. Keep the records clean

For cost-effective maintenance keep clean records of your water sources and septic system, mark the locations. The things to be noted are installation, pumping, water tests, and repairs. Keeping these records helps you in a number of ways – it protects your water resources, brings you a healthy environment and you can remember the next schedule for maintenance. These are all the General maintenance tips to have a proper, healthy and cost-effective septic tank system.

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