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Roto molded pallets are manufactured using cutting edge technology comes in innovative designs to withstand heavy loads, temperature variations and are resistant to commonly used chemicals. The pallets we design are compatible with all kinds of material handling equipment’s (4 way and 2 way entry). It’s a perfect replacement for the wooden pallets which are not environment friendly. AQUA TECH pallets with metal reinforcements are suitable for taking heavy duty loads. Easy to clean, Anti-skid, economical and durable, AQUA TECH pallets are a worthy choice!

Plastic crates manufacturers, Vijayawada
Easy Handling, Superior Quality

AQUA TECH Roto Melted Crates / Doffing boxes are specially used in Textile Industries and also in handling heavy components. AQUA TECH Roto Molted crates are manufactured using cutting edge technologies and come in innovative designs to suit the needs of a demanding industry. The automotive industry prefers Roto Molted Crates for the handling of components like Gears, crankshafts and similar heavy parts. Large sized crates are used in the textile industry for spinning, fabric processing, weaving, dyeing and texturing. We also assist our customers such as Indian Railways by providing customized packing solutions.

MIlk storage can suppliers, Kochi, India
Easy Handling & Compact Storage !

Made solely from 100% Virgin Polyethylene, AQUA TECH Milk Can use Rotational Molded technology, which is certified by Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Being 100% Rust free, it is safe to be in contact with Foodstuffs, Pharmaceuticals & drinking water. With perfect smooth interiors having no plastic welded joints inside, AQUA TECH Milk Can ensures that there will be no contamination or damage to the Milk stored. Its high & uniform wall-thickness helps the milk to retain temperature while transporting in open vehicles under direct sunlight, unlike thin Blow-Molded Milk Cans. (Warming up causes damage of Milk in Cans).Attributed with high durability, being lightweight, having a long life span and being highly cost effective, AQUA TECH Milk Cans are apt for dairy farms under Indian conditions and is a perfect substitute for Aluminum Milk Cans . AQUA TECH Milk Can comes in different colors and elegant looks. It has built-in Plastic / Steel handles for better grip & it comes with & without Steel frames for additional protection to suit the requirements of various regional customers. It is extremely user friendly and incurs no maintenance cost.

Cold storage box dealers, India
Transport frozen food, Ice cream, Ice etc with ease

AQUA TECH cold box was designed and developed in the industrial design center of Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, by carefully observing thermodynamics and the industrial design disciplines. These boxes are widely used to transport frozen food or ice. The temperature inside this cold box is maintained at minus 18 C subjected to minimal rise in temperature of 0.7 C per hour. In order to prevent the heat loss, the box and its lid are insulated using PU Form (Polyurethane Foam). Ergonomic handles are provided for convenient handling and stacking